18 December 2020

Message from the Headteacher

I become more and more convinced that we enter a time warp at the end of term!  The way that time seems to speed up and disappear is such a consistent feature towards the end of a school term, and yet it always manages to take me by absolute surprise.  Time really is one of those elusive resources that we never seem to have enough of, except when we're eagerly waiting for something to happen with great anticipation, or when we moan about being bored or find ourselves asking "how much longer?"  Now that lockdown rules have eased slightly once again, I would urge you all to make absolutely amazing use of your time during the Easter holidays.  I plan to do exactly that so that I am recharged and refreshed, ready for lots of hard work, progress and success next term.  Go and play in the park (even if the forecast snow does arrive), enjoy a bike ride or walk along the river, keep an eye out for ducklings on the lake at Chiswick House.  You probably don't need any reminders from me about staying safe and following the rules, but please continue to follow the guidance and advice when saying "hello" to friends, loved ones and family that you haven't seen for a long time.


Wishing you all a wonderful Easter if it is a festival that you celebrate.  If it isn't, enjoy the time with your families.

Miss Stockley 

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