9 July 2021

Message from Chair of Governors

Dear all

We had our last governors meeting of the year this week.  It was another zoom meeting (groan), as national and local guidance and circumstances led to us taking a decision to delay our planned in person governor day to September.

I know parents particularly miss the ability to attend school events in summer term, such as sports day and the summer fair.  Please rest assured that decisions to restrict attendance or delay events are not taken lightly, and that we appreciate your on-going support as we seek to avoid bubble breaks and further disruption to learning.  We very much hope to get back to close to normal from September (I am crossing my fingers as I type!).

Great resilience and progress

Ahead of our meeting, Miss Stockley had provided governors with the school’s data showing where the children are and the progress they have made in reading, writing and maths.  We were really pleased to see that overall the children are in a good place.  This includes with their writing, which, as many of you will know from first-hand experience, can be tough to teach remotely.  The school has been focussing on bringing on the children’s writing since the school re-opened, so it was fantastic to see the work starting to pay off.  There is of course more to be done, but we are taking a balanced and longer-term view that factors in wellbeing.  And the school has identified where to target further support and resources from September.

So well done and thank you to all of the staff and children who have worked so hard and already made such fantastic progress.  It has been clear that Miss Stockley and her team have remained ambitious throughout, and that staff and pupils alike have epitomised the other Hogarth values of resilience, togetherness and hard work!


Thank you and goodbye

I wanted to offer particular thanks to Mr Barker, Mr Carter, Mrs Chaouki, and Miss Jumale who as you may know will be leaving the school at the end of this academic year.  We are very grateful for all you have done for the school and to guide the children through such a challenging period, and we wish you every success for the future.

Although they are leaving big shoes to fill, we were pleased to hear from Miss Stockley that she has managed to recruit some really high calibre teachers for September.  Miss Rees has also confirmed that she will be returning in autumn as planned, so we are confident the school will continue to make really strong progress.

I also want to wish our Year 6 pupils every success as they move to the next stage of their school career.  We are confident that they have the resilience and the positive attitude that will enable them to take advantage of all the opportunities on off.  As one visitor commented this week, they truly are an emotionally articulate group of young people. 

I’m sure you’ll agree that every child at Hogarth (and all of the Hogarth community) has a lot to be proud of this year.  I hope you have a fantastic last couple of weeks, enjoy the football on Sunday if you are fans (toes now crossed!) and have a well-deserved summer break when you get there.

Kind regards

Debra Kane, Chair of Governors

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