13 May 2022

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Congratulations to our wonderful Year 6 children who demonstrated great resilience and confidence as they took their SATs this week.  It was an absolute pleasure to spend time with them each morning, eating sausage sandwiches or croissants and pancakes.  I am convinced they all have hollow legs as they certainly ate me out of house and home!

Next week, we will begin the Key Stage 1 SATs process for our Year 2 children.  We take a very calm and measured approach to this, introducing the children to these more formal examinations in small groups.  Our aim is for the children to feel safe, secure and comfortable so that they can truly demonstrate what they are capable of without feeling under pressure.

Jubilee preparations are well underway in the school.  My office sits right next door to Year 4 so I have been treated to their performance rehearsals throughout the week – if theirs is representative of what we might expect from the rest of the school, we are in for a real treat during the Jubilee Picnic afternoon.  Children who usually attend after school care during the afternoon will be able to come to the picnic with the playleader in charge.  At the close of festivities, 5pm, they will be returned to the usual play space where they can be collected by parents and carers.  If they are going home earlier, they can be collected from the after school care picnic blankets and signed out by the playleader in charge.

Please do have a look at Satchel Pulse if you have not yet signed up.  Remember this is the tool we use to collect your feedback and views on how we are doing as a school and what our next steps are.  One of the most consistent areas identified for improvement has centred on communication, particularly of how children are doing in their lessons and what can be done to support at home.  After the half term break, Miss Rees will be welcoming you into school to introduce our new assessment and reporting platform: Learning Ladders.  I would urge you all to attend one of her sessions – I am expecting you to be thrilled with this toolkit which will really help to keep you on top of your children’s progress and attainment in an easy to digest format.

Have a great weekend.

Miss Stockley

Posted by Alana Hosain

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