Nursery – Pollock

Name:  Jackson Pollock

Nationality:  American

Born:  1912

Died:  1956

Style:  Abstract Expressionism

Famous Pieces of Art:  Most renowned artworks include:  Blue Poles, The She Wolf, No 5, Mural, Convergence and The Deep.  His work can be seen New York's Museum of Modern Art, Tate London and the Guggenheim to name a few.


          Nursery Newsletter

                     12th June 2019



             Things that go








 Learning and discussion:

  • Looking at a variety of things that move, including transport and machines
  • Buying and selling toys in our toy shop
  • Counting pennies to buy toys- problem solving, adding and taking away
  • Making bridges, buildings and roads for our vehicles
  • Exploring a variety of ‘messy’ tactile activities such as cornflour, pearl beads, mud, sand…
  • Continue learning how to count on and back while singing along to nursery rhymes
  • Exploring real caterpillars and earthworms in the setting
  • Discussing their lifecycle and what we know about them
  • Continue learning letter sounds for the older children and writing numerals to 10.


Next week is healthy living week and we will be discussing the effect exercise,

food, hygiene, and sleep has on our body.

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