Nursery – Pollock

Name:  Jackson Pollock

Nationality:  American

Born:  1912

Died:  1956

Style:  Abstract Expressionism

Famous Pieces of Art:  Most renowned artworks include:  Blue Poles, The She Wolf, No 5, Mural, Convergence and The Deep.  His work can be seen New York's Museum of Modern Art, Tate London and the Guggenheim to name a few.


              Nursery Newsletter

                                                         8th July 2019

                                                           People who help us


 Learning and discussion:

  • Who takes care of us when we need help
  • How do firefighters, doctors, police officers and other people help us
  • What equipment might they need to do their jobs for example: doctors might need a stethoscope
  • Vehicles they use: fire engine, ambulance, police car, etc
  • Looking at books and listening to stories related to the topic:


Dates to remember:

Nursery class party (you can wear party clothes)

Monday 22nd July (please sign up for party food and drinks – see list)

Last day of school: Tuesday 23rd July (@1:30 for afternoon children)


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