A huge well done to our school for not only reaching our target of £425 but smashing it!  The fundraising money came in at just over £750!  

​Courtney Tulloch, a gymnast with Team GB, came in and motivated the children whilst they completed the circuit.  After years 1-6 had completed the circuit, he took an assembly and talked about his background, training and the benefits of a healthy diet.  The children were allowed to hold his Gold Commonwealth and Silver European medals and ask him questions.  Courtney also impressed us by doing some walking handstands, backwards somersaults and somersaulting over three adults.... 

A special thanks to some big fundraisers :- Kyle (Matisse),  Dylan C (Matisse), Lola (Shonibare), Kaliyah (Warhol), Gracie (Warhol) and Oliver (Kandinsky), Danny (Blake) and Sam (Hockey).  Kandinsky and Warhol classes returned most forms and the class that raised most money was Matisse.

Needless to say, every single donation, down to the last penny, counts to the final total so many thanks to all of you who got involved and contributed to make this event successful.  

I welcome any feedback regarding the event with a view to making it even bigger and better next time.

Eva Jeffrey

PE Lead