Healthy Living Week

Monday -

Before we even start the school day, we have children coming into school for a breakfast of cereal and fruit.

Rose opens Healthy Living Week with her energetic workout so we can shake out those Monday morning blues and we can start the day and the week invigorated.  Children, teachers and a few parents stretched, wiggled, bopped, shook themselves to familiar songs.

Our younger children enjoyed learning how to use breathing in a session delivered by our Martial Arts specialist.  The children looked relaxed and their teachers commented on how lovely the session was.  Miss O' Donnell said she may even take up Martial Arts next year....  Then the younger children were treated to the annual appearance of Animal Fu.  The children had were enchanted by the mascots and learned how to do some impressive poses.



Rose - provided us all the right moves to start the day again making sure we were side stepping, twisting, shaking and bopping along to our favourite tunes.

The weather just about held out for our younger intrepid learners who has taster sessions in archery, fencing and frisbee throwing.  The coaches were great and the children who jousted with their friends, threw frisbees and managed to handle bows to shoot arrows at a target.

Throughout the day, each class worked through a carousel of over twenty activities in the main hall.  Amongst some of the activities, children had to discover which foods were 'red', 'amber' or 'green', how much salt or sugar foods contain, the effects of smoking and what made a balanced diet.

Reporting from the poolside is our swimming, Mr Harpley :

"Years 4 5 and 6 (Hockney) experienced self rescue, where they swim some distance with clothes on to replicate what might happen if they fell out of a boat in the river or fell into deep water. As a test it was the children swimming at the deep end this was most important, however all children had a go and many children who swim at the shallow end managed to swim in their clothes which was a tremendous step for them. All children at the deep end across the three years did very well in self rescue swimming 6 widths of the pool in their clothes. They also learnt some life saving and practiced on each other both as a conscious person where a float was taken and the person was towed and also with and unconscious swimmer who needed to be rescued while keeping the face out of the water.​"

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you Mr Harpley for nominating 'Swimming Champions' for our Celebration Assemblies.  Children are nominated for showing the values of our school such as resilience, determination, confidence, bravery and responsibility.



Joshua from Streetdance came and gave our younger students a lively lesson.  They loved dancing to the rhythm and beat of each of the songs.  Our older students had a taster session of yoga and mindfulness and  learned a few stretching exercises.  Table tennis completed the physical activities at the end of the day.

Healthy Living is not just about keeping the body healthy, it's about being mentally fit as well.  Year 4 and 5 had a session of chess to make sure the sharpest of minds was being challenged.

Teachers and classes have been enjoying the extra activities this week - Mr Carter (Y3)has been doing the Daily Mile whilst Mr Carter (Y4) has been showing off his football skills in the ball park with his class (don't think we don't see you doing that!)

Our squad of year 3 and 4 Wimbledon wannabes braved the showers and played over at Dukes Meadows.  We looked at the Fair Play charter before they left and they understood and agreed on all the points in it.  The day went well and the children won a few matches, lost a few and drew a few so they were mostly happy with the results.  



Thanks to Isaac at Will to Will who ran the fantastic tennis sessions over at Chiswick House.  It is so important for the children to see real tennis courts, handle rackets and play on life size courts if they are to have a sense of playing tennis.  The children were put through their paces and loved being on real courts and they came off the courts having thoroughly enjoyed their sessions.

More archery, fencing and frisbee for the older children who loved the novelty of handing 'fencing swords'.


We had a last minute request from year 6 students to have Rose complete our aerobics on Friday (thank you to Caroline and Sam Quinn for organising).

Last day - today, the older children will visit Will to Win again to have a netball taster session whilst our younger children will have Rocks Lane Multi Skills with activities to test their balance, co-ordination, shot putt, skipping skills.  

We will celebrate by nominating children who have shown good sportsmanship and our school values during our Friday assembly.

It's been the most fantastic week where I hope the children have learnt the importance of keeping healthy and staying safe.  Thank you to Will to Win, Rocks Lane, A-Life, Premier Education, Ping Table Tennis, Alpha Martial Arts, Animal Fu, YogaWest, StreetDance Arch 19, parents and all the staff and teachers for making this happen.  Please ask them your children what they have learnt and what they have enjoyed.  Photos will go on our social media soon.  Your class teacher would love to have any feedback you have.