There was a buzz in school this week leading up to Sports Day.  In assembly on Monday, I talked to the children about 'fair play' and then they had an opportunity to try some of the activities.  Miss Fisher and Miss Preston planned activities for our younger Reception students whilst Miss Hossiny and Miss Hall-Williams planned events for KS1.  KS2 children had new and more challenging events (thanks to both Mr Carters) including my personal favourite of an obstacle race.  

The sun shone all day but the children were well prepared, with their water bottles, sun hats and sun cream and looked smart in their correct school PE kit.  They loved the sense of great occasion as they arrived excitedly at Chiswick School and got into their house colour groups.  Parents joined us with their picnic blankets and words of support and encouragement.  Chiswick School students 'manned' each activity station whilst teachers guided the children around the circuit of events including a football dribble, hockey dribble, ladders, hurdles, bean bag throw, obstacle and long jump.  

After the events, we had the running races for the children.  Some of them had so much energy that they didn't stop at the finish end but kept going and going (maybe we have some middle distance runners in our number?)!  In fact, it wasn't until we got the rope out that runners knew definitely knew where to stop. Lesson learned!  

Well done parents for joining in the running fun!  Sabrina (Ollie & Miles) couldn't get to the starting line quick enough and she was joined by a fine army of mums.  Cynthia (Timi) was the children's favourite in one heat.  Anita (Jeremiah, Caleb, Eden) ran with an injury.  Bonnie (Kaitlyn) sustained an injury for the third year running demonstrating some of our school values!  Natalia (Gia, Mila) looked very determined on the starting line.  FOWH were represented by Caroline (Ollie, Sam, Danny and remember it's not about winning!), Lisa (Kyle) and Maike.  Gemma (Kaliyah, Phoenix), Annie, and Dante's mum, Nizar's mum also competed.  I wish I could name check more of you but there were so many of you - well done all!

And, of course a big well done to Dads who took part in the running race.  We had bare footed Dads, Dads in hats, husbands of can see here, I'm struggling for names - sorry Dads. David (Gia/Mila), Leyton & Lenny's Dad, Abdi's Dad, Matthew's Dad were among some of the ones seeking a Usain Bolt type victory.  

After the excitement of the races, we enjoyed our picnic lunches in the hot sun, shade of the trees and gazebos.  The morning was completed when Mr Barker put on his 'StrongMan' belt and challenged people to beat him at tug-o-war.  I believe it took four opponents working as a team before he was defeated.  Very impressive Mr Barker!

It was our first sports day at a different (and much bigger) venue with Reception, KS1 and KS2 taking part altogether.  The feedback from our children has been very positive and lots of them have mentioned it will be even better next time.  Thank you to Dylan's Dad (y2) for the positive feedback.  The move this year raised many questions about planning and organising and I certainly didn't think I would have to cover that much field over the morning!  Lot for us to think about for next year but definitely worth the effort, so a BIG thank you to all who came along and enjoyed a day out in the sun.

A special mention to Maike and Miles who bought equipment over for us and help us set up, 'Auntie Annie' for assisting at the stations,  FOWH for the loan of the gazebos, the students and Ben Hurd at Chiswick School and anybody else who generally helped our children enjoy sports day.  Of course, winners on the day were our wonderful children...

Eva Jeffrey

PE Lead