Year 6

Over the past two weeks, Year 6 have been working hard to cement the learning attitudes and approaches that they shall need to be successful in their final year of primary education. The students have developed an excellent and mature approach to their learning and every member of Riley class has been enthusiastically exploring every topic. We have followed the Story of Jim Jarvis, a young boy trying to survive in the cold and unfeeling world of Victorian England and in doing so developed a deeper understanding of sentence structure and authorial intent. In mathematics, we have explored place value in greater detail than the students had previously and our humanities lessons have generated some excellent debates around class systems during the Industrial Revolution.

A class of budding physicists have emerged as we have experimented with static electricity and circuitry and the engagement with the learning here has been simply outstanding.

It has been a fantastic start to the year and I am confident that every member of the class will maintain this approach and ultimately achieve great success by the time they leave William Hogarth and move on to their next chapter in their educational journey.