2 December 2020

Year 5

Year 5 have continued to work hard to drive their learning forward in all areas of the curriculum this term. In computing, we have been constructing a podcast highlighting the very best aspects of the William Hogarth School, as we are so proud of our school. In English, the children have moved from writing to persuade, to a formal letter based around our topic ‘Slums’ – a task in which the students have to complain to the actual Governor of Rio de Janeiro.  After confidently developing our abilities in multiplication and division, Year 5 is now looking at statistics. In the run-up to Christmas, our class members shall continue to explore the Christmas story and practice tirelessly to master the class, Christmas song. Every member of Year 5 has worked extremely hard to push their learning on to the next level and their progress is an excellent reflection of their determination, optimism and ambition. Well done Year 5, keep it up!

Here are a few things that we have been up to so far.


In Computing, we used the Chrome books to create podcasts about our school.  We learnt how to record, add sound and art effects. - Maya

I found it extremely helpful and fantastic working with a partner to aid my understanding of Slums in Geography. I have learnt so much and it encourages me to work with others. - Beatriz



We really enjoyed investigating the Lego challenges on Friday for Lego dress down day. Kuba