30 April 2021

Year 2

Matisse have had an exciting and hands on week. In science we went out to the playground with water squirters and investigated how the height in which we squeezed the bottle would affect the distance the water travelled. We displayed our results in bar graphs as we have been learning to improve our recording of data.

In Maths we have been learning about position and direction. Children were very excited to be writing specific instructions for BeeBots. We have learnt what an algorithm is and how it is important to be very clear.

In PE we have looked at how to improve our jumping for height and for distance this week. We have been jumping from a line, over spots and over hurdles. On Wednesday we learnt ball skills and played a game of volleyball.

“I enjoyed science most because we were squirting water. We did three squirts: low from the knee, middle from the chest and high from above the head.” - Nils

“I am thankful for science because it was very fun and we learnt a lot.” - Leonardo