10 November 2021

Year 3 Picasso Class, have returned from half term with a load of energy and enthusiasm!     

We are so fortunate to have so many varied learning opportunities and take part in different activities, but they all connect to each other.

Our Hogarth Value is Happiness and we are blessed to have a class full of happy and kind children

Please support us at home with daily home reading and weekly spelling and homework. Thank you.


Our Storytime book is Oliver Seawigs. While we have just begun it, it promises to be very exciting! Oliver’s family is very different to many of ours!  



We are learning to improve and extend our Narrative Writing. We are using The Iron Man to help stimulate ideas! On Tuesday, we had to imagine taking on the Iron Man role and how would we portray that in drama! This is going to help us write an outstanding character description.




This week in Science we were exploring changes in states of matter! Sounds complicated! But we made cream (liquid) into delicious butter (solid). Then we sampled it on crackers! We did a great job and even shared it with some of our Year 6 friends who were very impressed!