Attendance Policy

Attendance and punctuality

Regular attendance is important if pupils are to benefit from the full range of educational opportunities available. When pupils are absent from school we ask that parents/carers notify us on the first morning of absence. If we have not heard from the family we will phone the parent/carer as soon as the register arrives in the office. We also consider it of vital importance that pupils arrive at school on time each day. Not only does this encourage good habits for later life but it also lessens any disruption caused by pupils joining lessons late and allows children to be more settled and receive the full impact of teaching. All children who arrive late will have to report to the school office.

In accordance with Government directives we distinguish between authorised and unauthorised absences. Only the school can authorise absence. Authorised absences would include absence through illness or medical appointments. Due to amendments made to the Education (Pupil Registration) (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2013, holidays will not be authorised during term time.  If you choose to take your child out of school, this will be unauthorised and you could be issued with a fine by the Local Authority.  If you feel an absence would be classed as 'special circumstances', you need to put this in writing to the Headteacher, Ms A Stockley.

We work very closely with the Educational Welfare Officer to ensure that all pupils receive their full entitlement to education and their progress is not disrupted by a high level of absence. The Education Welfare Officer automatically picks up attendance issues that fall below 90%, and writes to parents about this. Consistently low attendance can result in action being taken by the Education Welfare Service.