Early Years Welcome Presentation

  Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2
Themes All about me Bears & Celebrations Farm Animals Planting and Growing Mini-Beasts The Ocean
PSED Settle in / Rules and Routines Friendships Sharing Kindness / Respect Honesty Conflict resolution
Communication and Language Literacy Listen to and recall stories
Sing songs and rhymes
Give meaning to marks
Join in with refrains
Clap words/syllables in rhymes
Ascribe meaning to marks
Understand questions
Recognise own name
Use letter strings
Retell stories in detail
Follow text from left to right
Write letters from name
Use tenses
Initial sounds
Write some identifiable letters
Ask questions
Recognise signs and name
Sound/letter recognition
Mathematics Use numbers in play
Recite in order to 5/ 10
Explore and name shape
Show ‘finger numbers’ 1-5
Represent numbers with objects
Use positional language
Recognise numerals in environment
Explore pattern
Compare quantities ‘more than’ fewer than’
Explore and compare size
Identify numerals 1-5 then 6-10
Match numerals and quantities
Explore height and weight
Count 10+ objects that cannot be moved
Explore capacity
Physical Development Run, jump and climb
Draw lines and circles using gross motor skills
Slide, slither, crawl
Catch a large ball
Make marks, draw, paint, cut
Run around obstacles
Use one handed tools
Use dominant hand
Hop, jump, slithering
Use pencils and crayons with increasing control
Skip and hop
Form some recognisable letters
Begin to dress/ undress self
Form letters and numbers
Dress/ undress coat, shoes
Understanding the World Interest in family and friends
Share significant events
Comment on pictures in books
Recognise special events
Notice differences and similarities between self and others
Explore nature and environment
Interest in occupations
Share experiences and ideas
Comment and ask questions about the natural world, seasons and talk about why things happen Understand the cycle of growth
Show care and concern for living things and environment
Know about the environment and other places/countries through visits, pictures and family experiences
Expressive Arts and Design Dance and ring games
Sings familiar songs
Draw basic shapes
Pretend play
Explore colour and texture
Construct using range of materials
Participate in action songs and rhymes, dancing, and music making
Use various construction materials
Use movement to express feelings
Develop complex narratives in small world and role play
Explore sounds and how they can be changed
Draw and paint with increasingly complexity and detail
Makes up rhythms
Use various construction materials
Talk about what is created and how it works
Describe textures
Explore musical instruments Performs songs, music and dance



Nursery Core Books

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Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

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