Reception Rothko

Name: Mark Rothko
Nationality: American of Russian descent
Born: 1903
Died: 1970
Style: Abstract Expressionism
Famous Pieces of Art: Rothko's work can be seen in Tate Modern in London and his works were often featured in New York's Contemporary Arts Gallery and Portland's Museum of Art. Rothko became famous particularly for his artworks that depicted rectangles with luminous colours.


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Reception Newsletter



This week in Reception is pirate week! Over the week, we will be learning about pirate, and to finish off an exciting week we will be having our pirate dress up day on Friday! 


This week we will be:

  • Learning all about pirates: who they were, what they looked like, where they lived and what it means to be a pirate!
  • Making eye patches, hats and pirate hooks for our dress up day on Friday.
  • Designing a pirate ship, and making it out of different materials such as blocks, junk modelling or cardboard.
  • Drawing treasure maps to lead us to the buried treasure.


We will developing the following skills:

  • Using positional language to give directions to find the buried treasure.
  • Using our creative skills to make costumes for our dress up day.
  • Using our knowledge of phonics to write a message in a bottle to the pirates.


To reinforce your child’s learning you could:

  • Research a famous pirate, what do they look like? Where did they live? What did they do?
  • Make your own map/pirate ship/costume at home.
  • Write a story about a pirate.



*PE will take place on a WEDNESDAY. Every child needs to have a full PE kit, including trainers, if they do not have one then they will not be allowed to take part.

*Reading books will be changed on a MONDAY. However, please make sure your child’s reading book is in their bag all week so that I can read with them in school!

* Friday is our Pirate dress up day, come to school in your pirate costume! Please do not go out and buy pirate costumes if you do not have one, a stripy t-shirt and black trousers is perfect and we are making hats/eye patches… in school.

* Monday 22nd July will be our class party day, more information and sign-up sheets for food/drink will go up outside the classroom in the upcoming weeks



Thank You! J






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