Help for less able, more reluctant readers.

As part of the schools emphasis on reading for it's importance across all curriculum subjects, but also to promote the love of reading, our team of reading leaders sit with children during morning playtime for a few minutes to read with children who need a little help.

The Reading Leaders:

Year 6 - Alise, Jonathan, Remi and Abdi

Year 5 - Lucas, Ayman, Ibrahim and Trang

Year 4 - Sympony  (not sure of her spelling), Rocky, Rolan and Blake.

Lukas: "The reading leaders help the younger children with their reading. We do this so that they can be excellent readers. We do this because we want everybody to enjoy as reading books is a lovely activity."

Ibrahim: "What I do as a reading leader is I go to the library on wednesdays to read with children from Key Stage 1. I read with them but also help them to choose books depending on what they like. The value to the children is they are going to be able to read better in the future, and will enjoy reading more and more."

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