Homework is an effective way of raising achievement.  At The William Hogarth School we recognise that this is most effective if it is relevant, purposeful and can be enjoyed by parents/carers working and spending time with their children to support their work in school. For this reason we see homework as an interactive part of family life. A homework timetable is set which increases the time that pupils are expected to spend on homework as they get older. A date for the return of all homework set is given so that it may be marked by the classteacher and feedback given.  It is very important it is returned by the set date.

Homework will not always include written work but will be a matter of learning (spellings, number facts). It is very important that this is completed. The learning will then form part of the child’s classwork, either in being able to complete tasks set in class or in the form of tests. Some homework also takes the form of research work or finding out about topics for use in the classroom.

For pupils of all ages we emphasise the importance of reading at home on a daily basis.  This could be sharing a book with an adult whenever possible but also being read to, discussing books and being encouraged to look at books independently. All reading experiences are of great importance to a child’s development.

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