The William Hogarth Amazon Wish List


Want to buy something for the school or make a donation – but just don’t know what to get us or how to do it?


We have set up an Amazon Wish list to make this really easy. 


As a school there are always many resources that we need or would like to purchase to give children full and exciting learning experiences.

In view of this, we have set up a Wish List on Amazon. If you would like to support us and purchase something that the school really needs, then this is a direct way that is a hassle free and quick to do. Since September we have already received over £1000 worth of resources from your generous donations.

 You can either click on the link above, or alternatively, when you are shopping on Amazon, search for The William Hogarth Wish List and it will show you all items that we would like as a school. We may have multiple items of the same thing, so please only purchase what you can afford.

 If you have had problems trying to order something and a message is displayed ‘Marketplace items cannot be sent to Gift Registry addresses’ you will need to add the school address in as a new address: The William Hogarth School, Duke Road, W4 2JR.

 The list will be updated and changed regularly so please keep checking.

 We appreciate your continued support and thank you in advance for your purchases.