Year 3 using place value in their column addition

In maths, in year 3 Picasso class, we have been using place value grids and place value counters to support our understanding of column addition. Sometimes the addition requires us to exchange ten ones for one ten and sometimes it requires us to exchange ten tens for one hundred. It helped us…

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Year 3 enjoying the library

Year 3 Picasso children enjoying using our library

We have a beautiful library at The William Hogarth School where the children love to visit and spend some quiet time reading and exploring different books and authors. One of the best ways to improve a child's reading is through fostering a…

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Year 6 Show racism the red card

Year 6 celebrated Black History Month in a number of ways. On Friday 21st October, the children were able to dress in red to mark 'Show racism the red card day' They held a fund raising cake sale and learnt how racism is prevalent in today's society and what we can do to ensure we try our best to…

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Reception Rothko class comparing sizes

The children in Reception Rothko class compared sizes using the different playdough cutters.


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Reception Children sorting items

The Reception Rothko class were sorting items and comparing bears by colour


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Mini Beast hunt in Reception

In reception Rothko class - the children were enjoying some Science by looking for mini beasts in the garden area and comparing them to some pictures they had. Creepy crawlies were everywhere!


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Year 5 cooked curried potato puffs

Year 5 Shonibare cooked the most delicious curried potato puffs.

Mia: "It was a bit hard at the start, but when we had more people in the group it got easier. I liked that it was spicy - it tasted really different to how I expected it to, but it was delicious!"


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Year 5 and 6 boys football tournament

Year 5 & 6 boys football team had a great time at their football tournament

Vansh: "i felt excited as it was my second tournament with the school. i was a bit dissapointed to find I was playing in defence as I wanted to be a striker and help the front 3 score goals. I helped the team win 1…

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Year 3 present their Prehistoric Britain work

Year 3 have been learning about life in prehistoric times and what it was like for early humans in the stone age. We discovered how tools had developed over time and how humans began to settle in more permanent homes. Children created projects at home based upon their learning of prehistoric…

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Year 6 Riley class - Future Life talk from our local Police

Year 6 having a Future Life talk from our local Police.

Dylan: "I was really informative. It taught us not to do bad things and the consequences of what would happen if we did do something wrong. We also learned about some of the dangers of drugs and what other things were illegal and could get…

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Adventure in play

At The William Hogarth School our children enjoy enriching play time where they are allowed to climb our lovely tree and find ways of venturing across puddles. Safety is always paramount but we try to provide an environment where children can explore and stretch themselves.

And enjoy…

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Year 3 practicing their reading speed

Improving reading speed through fluency

At The William Hogarth School we attach great importance to reading as it is central to almost all the learning we do. It is of course imperative to read with greater and greater comprehension, but it is also critically important to practice reading at…

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