Year 6 Riley class' assembly for Remembrance Day

To commemorate Rememberence Day, Year 6 Riley children put on an assembly in front of the school and parents. Everyone took part in small groups with readings and poetry. The children have also produced some tremendous art on the subject. Scarlett, Dylan and Remi's are shown below.


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Anti bullying week launches with Odd Socks Day!

The William Hogarth School launches national anti bullying week with 'Odd Socks Day'

Baheer: "We wore odd socks to start Anti-bullying week. Odd socks help us to everyone is different and that we should celebrate that difference."

Here are a selection of socks from across the school...


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Improving our vocabulary

Year 3 Picasso are expanding the vocabulary they are using.

Across the school, children are working to expand the use of better and more varied vocabulary in their writing. In year 3, they are  words which they might use to describe the main characters in the story they are looking at. These…

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Year 5 learning the Haka in P.E.

This half term, Year 5 Shonibare are working on dance in P.E. and this week started to learn and divise their own Haka. They watched a film of the New Zealand All Blacks rugby team who famously start every match with one. They then learnt the basic moves, and in groups started to divise their own…

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Year 5 have enormous fun learning to edit video

This half term, Year 5 Shonibare children are learning to edit video. Today we were practicing by filming a series of clips and editing them together. Each group worked on a set of short scenes and took it in turns to film them, then put all the clips together, exploring transition, sound and…

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Year 5 Enjoying the library

Every Monday afternoon, Year 5 Shonibare really enjoying going to the library to discover new books and have a lovely quiet read.

Kai: "I like when we get to sit quietly and read our books. It's wonderful to have some time in the library to relax."

Nicole: "I think we could have some more…

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Year 3 developing ball skills in basketball

The year 3 Picasso children have been developing ball skills in some basketball games in P.E.

Basket ball is an 'invasion game' which means it consists of one team moving into their opponents area and scoring. The skills year three have been learning include ball control, passing and dribbling…

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Flower still life art in Reception

In reception Rothko class, children were exploring still life drawing and painting looking at flowers.

How lovely - to have your lessons in such a lovely garden area.


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Year 6 explore careers at Kidzania

Last week, we took a wonderful trip to Kidzania! We are keen for the children of The William Hogarth School to have a strong understanding of the range of careers available to them later in life. Our trip gave the children the opportunity to explore a range of careers such as delivery drivers,…

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Halloween day in Reception

Reception Rothko class children really enjoyed themselves having a 'Spooky Day' to celebrate Halloween. They were very creative in making masks and decorations and generally being a very spooky group...

....Brrrrrrrr too scary!


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Year 5 learning the 'wash' technique

Year 5 Shonibare class this week, were learning a tricky technique in their art lesson - how to apply a wash. It is used in painting watercolours. Rather than painting in thick paint which is the normal way we paint, we had to water down the paint so it was very thin so we applied just a thin…

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Year 3 Cooking scrambled eggs

Year 3 Picasso class were cooking scrambled eggs in their cookery lesson.

They revisited many of the skills they have been developing this term such as cracking eggs (into the bowl - not onto the floor!) also mixing properly and carefully, but also and most importantly, safety in the use of the…

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