Learning to play Boccia with St. Mary's children

Some of our children in years 3 and 4 were joined by year 3 and 4 children from our neighbours, St. Mary's school and we all learned how to play Boccia.

It is very similar to Bowls or Petanque if you are from or have been to France. Boccia is different in that it was designed for people using…

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Tuna and Corn wraps from year 1

Year 1 were really concentrating in what was a delicious mixture.



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Year 1 working on whole and parts in maths

Year 1 Mondrian children have been working in their maths lessons on Wholes and Parts...


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Learning to lead - asking for help

In their Learning to Lead lesson - Year 1 Mondrian children have been working on asking for help.


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Year 5 & 6 Girls football tournament

Well done to our Year 5 & 6 Girls Football Team who performed exceptionally well at today’s tournament in Heston, winning all of their 9 matches. They looked wonderful in their school kit – really smart and did us all proud with their sportsmanship and behaviour. Thank you to Mr Berriman for…

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Reception children working on 'The Selfish Crocodile'

Reception Rothko children drew 'The Selfish Crocodile' and wrote words describing him.


... they also produced some collages of 'The Selfish Crocodile

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Prawn frittatas incoming!

If only you could smell these...

Emile: "It was fun because there were lots of ingredients. Whenever I learn a new recipe I try it at home."


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Year 6 Riley class at the London Museum of Water and Steam

Year 6 Riley class went to the London Museum of Water and Steam to enrich their learning about the Industrial Revolution.

Sophia: "We all loved having a trip to the Water and Steam Museum. We had an amazing tour around and at the end we got to go to the splash zone! Everyone had a fantastic…

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Year 3 Picasso and 4 Blake classes go to Wonderlab

Year 3 Picasso and 4 Blake together went to see the Wonderlab at The Science Museum. They have been learning about space and were thrilled to see and interact with artefacts from space - with many hands on experiences to enhance their science learning.

Taiba and Aliyane: "In science we have…

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Nursery children leaning to count with props and number rhymes

Learning to count using props and singing number rhymes


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Nursery children having fun learning numbers out doors

Nursery children having fun learning numbers outdoors.


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Year 6 on World Mental Health day

The school had a mufti day to mark World Mental Health day. The children were allowed to wear clothes that made them feel happy. Some were in fancy dress - a lot were simply in their PJs.

Mahdi: "I felt like I could finally relax."

Leyton: "I felt really comfortable and safe."

Nizar: "I…

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