Year 6 on World Mental Health day

The school had a mufti day to mark World Mental Health day. The children were allowed to wear clothes that made them feel happy. Some were in fancy dress - a lot were simply in their PJs.

Mahdi: "I felt like I could finally relax."

Leyton: "I felt really comfortable and safe."

Nizar: "I…

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Year 6 - editing and improving

year 6 Riley class have been carefully editing and improving their work (it was a 'mufti day!')


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Anti bullying ambassadors at work...

Our Anti-bullying Ambassadors had a training session for black history month

They were looking at model school anti-bullying policies

...and they presented an assembly to inspire the school children


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Reception singing to help count backwards

Reception Rothko class children had a huge giggle in singing the song '5 little monkeys jumping in a bed' to help them to learn how to count backwards.


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Year 5 Shonibare - Our swimming star showing our school value of AMBITION

In year 5 Shonibare's swimming lessons - our 'Swimming Sar' showed great determination and AMBITION to progress from the dolphins group where she is learning at the moment, into the sharks group who swim at the deep end. What a star! well done.


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Messy fun in the mud-kitchen!

Reception Rothko children have been enjoying playing in the mud kitchen - would you eat their cooking?.


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Building structures with a variety of materials

The Reception Rothko class children had tremendous fun building structures using a variety of materials to see what would stand up and what would not.


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Year 3 enjoying their Spanish lessons

Year 3 Picasso class are really enjoying learning Spanish. They have been reading, learning songs and playing games to learn the names of animals.

They have also been learning how to construct sentences with the correct us of 'Un' or 'Una' In English the definite article is neutral. How…

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Year 2 Matisse class making number lines to help count in 1s and 10s

Year 2 were making number lines to help them count in 1s and 10s


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Cream cheese and sardine dip from Year 2

Year 2 Matisse class children enjoyed a lovely cookery session where they mixed up a delicious cream cheese and sardine dip.


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Year 6 Residential trip to Home Farm

Year 6 enjoyed a wonderful 3 days at Home Farm in the village of Beaulieu where they experienced many fascinating aspects of life on the farm. They also explored the village of Beaulieu and the world famous Beaulieu Motor Museum.

Valentino summed up the experience: "I had fun learning about all…

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Message from the Headteacher

Image of Message from the Headteacher

Message from the Headteacher

Dear Families,

Well done to our Year 5 & 6 Girls Football Team who performed exceptionally well at today’s tournament in Heston, winning all of their 9 matches. They looked wonderful in their school kit – really smart and did us all proud with their sportsmanship…

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