Children’s author David Walliams, like the staff at The William Hogarth School, is reading audio books for children to enjoy at this difficult time. Please click on the link below to hear a different story daily.

This can be a great alternative to reading to your child and give you a little break!


What is pink 

A Flower Alphabet 

All the Year Round 

My Shadow 

There was a Cough 


If you can't go over or under go around

Chocolate Cake 


Stories from India

Rama and Sita 

A Bull From Heaven 

Lord Moon

The Trapped Tiger 


Early Years

Storytime Message

Peter and the wolf 

The Cave 

The Gingerbread Man 

Time for Dinner 

Who sank the boat 



Matilda part 1 

Matilda part 2 

Matilda part 3 

Matilda part 4 

Matilda part 5 

Matilda part 6 

Matilda part 7 

Matilda part 8 

Matilda part 9 

Matlida part 10 

Matilda part 11 

Matilda part 12 




The Call of the Wild

Chapter 1 part 1 

Chapter 1 part 2 

Chapter 1 part 3 

Chapter 2 part 1 

Chapter 2 part 2 

Chapter 3 part 1 

Chapter 3 part 2 

Chapter 4 part 1 

Chapter 4 part 2 

Chapter 5 part 1 

Chapter 5 part 2 

Chapter 5 part 3 

Chapter 6 part 1 











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