Year 6 Riley Class were tremendously lucky to have a visit from Historian Al Murray to talk to them about World War II. They looked at some artifacts and talked about what life was like at home.

Suheyla: "A parent who is a historian came to our class with all these amazing artifacts from WWII. He told us all about the blitz, and how children had to live in the Second World War. Could you imagine [what it would be like] to separate from your family? Well those children had to. They were taken away to live away from the city where bombs might drop, and lived with strangers. The Germans were bombing London so the citizens had to hide.

Gilly: When Al Murray came to visit us in our class, the first thing I noticed were the artifacts. AT first I had no idea what any of them were, aside from a helmet. There was a window from a tank, a clicker you would use to find people in the dark - this was the coolest. Al Murrays visit was really amazing and educational.

Al Murray WWII talk to Year 6